VLC and Take 2 Climate Change pledge

The VLC has joined more than 180 Victorian-based organisations who have signed up to Sustainability Victoria’s TAKE2 climate change program to help Victoria reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Founding Partners come from all sectors, including business, local government, community service organisations and educational institutions.

 "Landcarers know only too well the impacts of climate change" said Terry Hubbard, President of the Victorian Landcare Council.   " It is important for the VLC to be actively supporting action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the Pledge is a way of publicly acknowledging  those actions" Mr Hubbard said.

VLC Take 2 Climate Change Pledge

Beth Ripper and Terry Hubbard

The VLC has pledged a range of actions to reduce the environmental  footprint of the organisation.  This includes E conference meetings, promotion of public transport options for members gatherings,  encouragement of  member individuals, groups and networks to also sign up to the pledge,  the promotion of the work of Landcare in landscape change, development of active partnerships with organisations eg the Victorian Local Governance Association,  and lobbying for action on climate change mitigation to all levels of government.   

TAKE2 helps participating organisations promote their commitment to a zero carbon future for Victoria and get the recognition they deserve.

Victorians can make their TAKE2 pledge at www.take2.vic.gov.au and then choose the climate change actions they will take to do their part.

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